Where we're going, we don't need roads.
Decking of the bridge.
Golden Gate Fog

Chris Hadfield: “Good morning! Perspective - Bruce McCandless had a view of the world like no other in history. Imagine what he saw.”
Photo Credit: Chris Hadfield

Crazy to think he was out there free floating in space.

Saturn’s glorious rings up close.
Space.com: “From the inside out, the “Cassini division” in faint red at left is followed by the A ring in its entirety in this ultraviolet-light image. The A ring begins with a “dirty” interior of red followed by more blue as it spreads away from the planet. The blue is a signature of water ice. The red band roughly three-fourths of the way outward in the A ring is known as the Encke gap.”
Credit: NASA/JPL
Minimalist Halo Posters

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